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06-28-2012, 04:13 PM
So yeah I wanted to share some of my ideas that could innovate Bonetown. I'm pretty sure alot of people had the chance to share their ideas on how to make Bonetown better so I just want to share my ideas and get some feedback of my fellow Bonetown players.

The first thing that I wanted to point out is: Character customization.

So when I played Bonetown I noticed that the "player" was just a random guy that's put in front of you with no chance of creating him with our personal taste. So what I wanted to see in this area is:

-Body/ Height / Weight Morphing.

-Face Morphing. ( Eyes, ears, nose... all that stuff )

-Both Male and Female genders. ( I have seen the transexual gender in BoneCraft so you might want to reconsider this gender as well)

-The ability to change Breasts / Butt cheeks / penis size. ( this might be in the Body Morphing category)

-Skin Colour ( adding the ability to make green, red, blue , etc. skin colours).

-More appealing clothing ( And add the ability to put clothing layers like for example : T-shirt over a longsleeve shirt )

-More variety of hairstyles and the ability to change its colour.

[There are probably more options to make the "player" more unique but I think it's enough].

Next is : Gameplay

Although I know it's not easy to make a game and change it completely from scratch , there are some things that could use some tweaks. Now i'm not saying that the general gameplay is bad it's actually quite good but some changes are always good right ?

-Physics engine. ( I don't if this will be done but the game could use some improvements in this area at least making it a little more fun more a less like " Saint's row" like throwing people miles away, now that's fun and hilarious )

-Vehicles ( I know some people have been asking for this and I too want to see this in the game)

-An Unique map , no more loading screens unless it's a building. ( that being said , having a unique map opens alot of space for people to roam the streets and to find lot of interesting stuff , and this is where the vehicles come in, having huge miles of road to burn some rubber in your hot sports car with a babe next to you and to make some street races to earn some dough... I can't even discribe the feeling of it, it's a must have in my book)

-Special buildings. ( like clothing stores, Barber shops, Car stands, Strip clubs, Casinos, etc.)

-Environment interactions and Player emotes. ( self explanatory )

-More sex positions. ( Like read a kamasutra book or something guys [ i'm kidding with you guys , but seriously ], the people have asked if you could make more positions in-game so let's make this come true , and this can be quite interesting when it comes to the female gender sex positions... don't ask me wich ones they are , probably making the female gender the dominant one during the sex action might do the trick)

-Fighting. ( Well in BoneTown you could use your bare fists to K.O your enemies along with some melee weapons but in BoneCraft you could use some firearms along with melee weapons, so what I want to see in this aspect is: melee weapons K.O enemies but then don't die and basically firearms kill them. Now I don't want to people to think that I want to make BoneTown into GTA , I just want some firearm action in BoneTown)

-Getting Fucked up. ( BoneTown is all about getting fucked up so... why not REALLY get fucked up ? Too much alcohol gets you drunk along with the drugs)

-More special moves. ( Self explanatory )

-Diferent story line. ( I didn't want to complain about this but adding a Story line where you could realise " Why this is happening? " or " What did I do for this to happen ?" or maybe " How did I get here?" , like riding a roller coaster and in the end you'll keep saying " Let's do it again and again and again! " [ but in the end of each mission you should have a nice well earn fuck!] like for example you just a normal guy and you want to be in the porn biz and you find this porn movie director and you do things porn movies and on the side you do other missions like robbing stuff, finding stuff, killing stuff , hell even fuck some random bitches )

-More mini-games. ( Self explanatory )

- Porn star celebrities (this one is also a MUST HAVE , You get meet up with lots of porn stars along the game and have the chance to bone them , like having Lisa Ann on ALL 4's or having Nikki Benz on top of you )

All that been said, I can't seem to remember more stuff to share with you guys.
Gimme some feedback on what you think and if you like add more ideas as well.

-- PTDog619 --

PS: Sorry for the long text .

10-04-2012, 02:40 PM
I pretty much agree with everything you said for a new BoneTown game. Hopefully D-Dub would look into this! :D