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03-13-2012, 02:01 PM
Open the files game/modkit/tutorial/tutorialDatablocks.cs and game/dataBlocks/characterGenData/characterGen_SpecialGirls.cs with your code editor. You may use the SpecialGirls.cs and SpecialGuys.cs for reference.

The CGen defines all of the assets used to make complete characters or sets of characters that we can spawn in the world.

The accessory datablocks define accessories that characters can wear

datablock AccessoryData(some_data)

Often we use variables to define lists of accessories or other character features

$CharacterGen::pigmyChickHairSet = "bald_data;Afra_data;shagChicks2_data";
The game will pick randomly from these lists

Character gen datablocks define a character's skin, body type, accessories, power moves, etc.

datablock CharacterGenData(someChick)

The character class datablocks define what character gens are included in a character class. Character classes are used to spawn characters from wait nodes.

datablock CharacterClassData(someClass)

Texture and HSL variable sets are used to define a HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness) range a texture can have
format is: "texture;HSL low,HSL high"

$CharacterGen::chickPantiesPurpleHSL = "chicks/accessories/pants/textures/PantiesHSL;0.25 -0.5 -0.5,0.35 0.2 0.1";
The game will pick randomly within the range

Morph weight variables are used to define body types.
Guys: Buff, fat, tall, short
Girls: Hot, fatty, athletic, petite

morphWeightsLow0 = "0.0 0.6 0.0 0.0";
morphWeightsHigh0 = "0.4 1 0.0 0.0";
The game will pick randomly within the range
*Note: Accessories may not morph correctly depending on the number of *.dtm files used to create the accessory.

We use inheritence often to define variations of other character gen datablocks.

datablock CharacterGenData(someChick : somePurpleFatChick)

05-22-2012, 09:29 PM
Also, is it possible to get the decompiled CharacterGen files from BoneTown? There seem to be a number of classes and random chick types that aren't included in the BoneCrafter .cs files (namely the "boss" chicks, like Britney).

Yes! I miss the Jewish Wife, 18 oriental daughter & the twins! (Amy where are you?)

05-25-2012, 10:36 AM
The engine will auto remove accessories durring sex according to the slot they occupy. Pants, dresses, and underwear will always be removed. Shoes and tops are removed at random. Everything else such as jewelry stays on.

For example in the accessory file game/modkit/tutorial/TutorialDatablocks.cs:

datablock AccessoryData(shortsDenim_data : dudeAccessory_data)
slot = $Character::ACCSLOT_BOTTOM;
removeList = "thighs_d;thighs1_d;thighs2_d;thighs3_d;thighs4_d";

morphName0 = "~/data/dudes/accessories/pants/dtm/shortsBuff.dtm";
morphName1 = "~/data/dudes/accessories/pants/dtm/shortsFat.dtm";
morphName2 = "~/data/dudes/accessories/pants/dtm/shortsTall.dtm";
morphName3 = "~/data/dudes/accessories/pants/dtm/shortsShort.dtm";

numReplacementMaterials = 1;
originalMaterial0 = "game/data/dudes/accessories/pants/textures/ShortsDenim";
replacementMaterial0 = "game/data/dudes/accessories/pants/textures/ShortsDenim";

slot = $Character::ACCSLOT_BOTTOM; tells the denim shorts to occupy the bottom slot (which gets removed durring sex).

Here is a link to all of the BoneTown datablock files:

Please note that some datablocks from BoneTown will not work right off the bat. Do not replace your existing modkit files with the BoneTown files. Instead you will want to copy and paste the datablocks you want from bonetown into your existing modkit datablock files (Such as game/modkit/tutorial/TutorialDatablocks.cs).