View Full Version : Tutorial 04 - The Battle

03-13-2012, 11:52 AM
Open the file game/modkit/tutorial/Tutorial04Objective.cs with your code editor

This tutorial will run you through a basic objective as they appear in BoneCraft. Use this objective as a reference for BoneCraft objectives.

It begins with a cinematic scene that is followed by 3 stages of the objective (in this case kill count). When the three stages have been completed there is a final cinematic and then it brings you back to the free roaming world.

This tutorial demostrates a lot of the ways we brought everything together to create the objective experience. Below are some of the things that are commented on in the Tutorial04Objective.cs file:

- Creating a flexible and expandable objective.

- The flow of functions that take you through the entirety of the objective.

- The tools that can be used in cinematics and how to move the camera once it is broken from the character.

- How the 3 stages and the difficulty levels are worked into the the objective.

- How Sex is worked into the fighting gameplay.

- Using the GUI to display objective specific information.