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03-12-2012, 05:25 PM
The Lighting Inspector allows you to edit the values associated with a selected Light. (The sky and daylight values can be found in the Static Inspector under Sky and Daylight Helper objects respectively.)

The values under Lighting will define things such as color, power and direction of the light.

Ambient and Diffuse Color are in RGB order.

The first value under intensity defines the radius where the light is at full power. The second value defines the radius of which it fades to zero power.

Lighting Linking values determines what Objects the light will affect.

Light Dynamic will light characters. Lights will affect characters dynamically.

Light Static will light other *.dwc files. Lights will affect *.dwc files dynamically.

Light Baked will light *.dif files. Interior (*.dif) files are only lit once when the *.mis file is loaded in a process called Baking. Interiors can be baked again by selecting them and clearing the lighting with Alt + B and then re-Baking them with Ctrl + B.